Land Gallery - Heartbeat show (2018)


Don’t Look at Me, Don’t Talk to Me 

This work aims to highlight catcalling culture and the barriers women are forced to put up in order to simply walk on the street. Rather that punishing those doing the harassing, women are taught to change their behavior. They are taught to mute their presence in public spaces by dressing unremarkably, told to travel with a companion, and are encouraged to adopt distinct behaviors that do not call attention to their presence. With this work, I encourage women not to change themselves but instead to look after each other and to call out street harassment when they see it.


You Seem Okay Though

This piece is dedicated to those who struggle internally with mental illness. If you choose not to talk about your mental illness it is still valid. If talk about your mental illness it is still valid. Everyone experiences mental illness differently and that’s okay! Don’t assume that someone isn’t struggling just because they seem to function normally.


Mind Meld

This piece is about the value of friends who think differently than you and are unafraid to hold you accountable. Creative communities and collaborative efforts thrive when unique perspectives come together. I am very thankful to have people in my life who I can count on to hold me to a higher standard as well as challenge me to grow.